The first Methodist church in the Dudley area was in King Street
Dudley, built in 1788 - John Wesley described it as ‘one of the neatest in England’.

The first record of ‘Methodists’ in Woodside is made in the Dudley
circuit records of 1810, it gives the names of 23 members.

They had no church building at that time, it was in 1812 that the
first church building was built in Hall Street, Woodside at the cost of £410. A
vestry was later added in 1813 for a further £60.

We know that the first Methodist Church in Dudley was built in King Street in 1788, we can only guess that Woodside was the second Methodist Church built in Dudley. King Street Methodist was shut sometime during the1960’s which therefore makes Woodside Methodist Church the oldest Methodist Church in Dudley.

In 1812 the membership of the Dudley circuit was 1135 with 46 in Woodside.

The Woodside chapel seated 300 and boasted a gallery, included in that number were 110 places for scholars

In 1836 Church Deeds were drawn up in the names of….
George England - Maltser
Joseph Stinson - Grocer
Benjamin Stinson - Grocer
Joseph Timmins - Liquor Merchant

The first record of a baptism is on 9th October 1816 of Maria Robinson baptised by Hugh Ransom.

New Church Building 1890.

It was in 1886 that the trustees drew up plans to renovate the old
church which was suffering from mining subsidence at a meeting in September
1888 the congregation said .. ’ BUILD A NEW CHURCH!’

The building of the new church was entered into with great faith,
the only money in hand was £113 towards a total cost of £761 ! After the stone
laying in February 1890 there remained £94 still to be found.

Donations on the day of the stone laying on 5th
February 1890 amounted to £180,which in today’s values would be over £210,000

A quick calculation from a trusted source would suggest that the total cost of the build back in 1890 which was £761, would amount to £880,500 in today’s money!



We undertook major refurbishment in 2008, redecorating the Church, taking out the old organ and replacing in it with a more modern one,replacing our pews for more comfortable chairs, enlarging and modernising our kitchen, putting in disabled toilets and installing a new sound system, drop down screen and computer access.

 We continue to joyfully praise and serve our Lord whilst working to serve our community by sharing Gods Love with them in the work we do.














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