We do Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals as special services. Woodside is overjoyed that
people turn to us to help provide a suitable service and ‘venue’ for such
occasions. We understand these are happy and sad times, we find comfort in the
fact that people in the local community and further afield wish to use our
church as a place to celebrate a new born, marriage and indeed some one’s life.
We hope the information below is helpful.


If you would like your child/children or indeed yourself to be baptised at Woodside,
please use the Contact Us page and fill out the form for the Revd.
Gordon Morton. He will then get in touch with you at his earliest
convenience. There is no charge for this service, but any donations would be
gratefully accepted to go toward the up keep of the church and our work with
helping the local community.


As part of the Methodist Connexion, Woodside is delighted when people choose to get
married in our Church and rejoices when people wish to confirm their love to
one another in the sight if God. We are also happy to announce that we extend
an invitation to individuals who may have been previously married. The cost of
a wedding service at Woodside is £400.00 which includes a fee for the
Church, Minister, Organist and Steward. Woodside does not have any bells and
doesn’t have a choir on demand for these services. For more information, please
use a relevant form on the Contact Us page,either the Minster or one of the Stewards.


Woodside strives to work with the bereaved  in order to remember the individual who has passed.
The cost for a funeral service is £340.00 which includes a fee for the Church, Minister, Organist and Steward. For further information use the relevant form on the Contact Us page, or contact your chosen Funeral Director, who in the first instance will contact the Rev. Gordon Morton on your behalf.


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